Student achievement is much lower than most people have been led to believe over the years. 

Even before the pandemic, the Kansas Department of Education’s state assessment results showed there were more high school students below grade level in Kansas than were proficient. Across all grades tested, about a third of students are below grade level and only a quarter of students are proficient. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and ACT results show Kansas is below average in a nation that doesn’t perform very well.

The state’s education crisis won’t be resolved without school board members leading a transformation that puts students’ academic needs ahead of the system’s institutional interests. And to do that, they need unfettered access to information and experts other than what the system makes available to them.

The Kansas School Board Resource Center (KSBRC) is a subsidiary of the non-profit Kansas Policy Institute, which has extensive expertise in school finance, governance, and academic performance matters. The staff and Advisory Council members are current or former school board members, educators, and people with extensive experience dealing with local school boards. 

Our funding comes from donors who want to improve public education.  We may charge a nominal fee of no more than $25 to cover costs to put on workshops, which we ask board members to pay personally because we want school district funds used to educate students.  We accept no funding from school districts or other government sources.

Kansas state law requires school boards to conduct needs assessments in each school to identify barriers preventing kids from being proficient. However, many school board members are shut out from important conversations on the needs assessments and asked to sign-off on the reports and budgets. The Kansas School Board Resource Center is helping board members get full access to information so teachers across the state can get the resources they need to improve student achievement.